Red Clover Tea – Great Tea for Good Health

Red Clover is a type of clover that grows naturally in areas of Europe, West Asia, and Northern Africa. It looks very similar to other species of clover in appearance however instead of the typical white blossoms produced; the blossoms of red clover have more of a reddish pink appearance. However, there are many outside of these regions that grow red clover for grazing livestock such as cattle. Red clover also has a history of being used as an herbal remedy for many different conditions as well. In a tea state, red clover holds a high content of vitamins, minerals, and antioxidants that prove to be beneficial for the health of both men and women. The contents of red clover tea can be useful in reducing bad cholesterol, helping those who are suffering from osteoporosis, and can even help reduce the unwanted symptoms of menopause.

Supports Cardiovascular Health

Red clover tea can help support healthy levels of cholesterol by reducing bad cholesterol and promoting the increase of good cholesterol. This can help support good cardiovascular health, preventing chances for heart disease. Some researchers have also suspected that red clover tea can help prevent blood clotting by thinning blood. Furthermore, red clover can cleanse and detoxify the blood simultaneously providing a stronger prevention against heart attacks and stroke.

High in Vitamins & Minerals

This tea is also very beneficial due to the high content of vitamins and minerals that it contains. Red clover is high in vitamin C, potassium, chromium, calcium, phosphorus, thiamine, as well as other highly beneficial vitamins and minerals that can contribute to the well being of your body. Drinking this herbal tea can offer a burst of these valuable minerals which can help prevent as well as aid various illnesses and diseases. These nutrients can also help treat inflammations and a variety of infections as well.

Relieves Menopause Symptoms

Another great benefit of this tea is that it is filled with isoflavones which can act in the same manner that estrogen would. This can be an excellent way to relieve symptoms like hot flashes and sweating which usually come on as a result of menopause and the lowered the production of estrogen. The estrogen like isoflavones can also ease the symptoms of osteoporosis which is a bone loss that occurs from a lack of estrogen as well.

Directions: To prepare red clover tea, boil a tea bag in one cup of water. Additionally, you can add lemon or honey if a more tasteful flavor is preferred. Mint leaves can also be added for additional flavor. Always inform your doctor before you drink red clover if you are prescribed any medications.

Whether you are planning to use this tea for a specific reason or whether your intention is simply to enjoy the gentle flavor it offers, red clover tea is a great tea for any aspiring herbal enthusiast. With all the benefits and nutrients that it can offer, this tea is definitely worth trying. If you’re intending to purchase red clover tea, you can find it locally in some herbal food stores. It can also be easily found online as well, but always be sure that you make your online purchases from a trusted and reliable source. As always, we recommend Buddha’s Teas as a great choice for all natural and organic herbal teas and remedies. We certainly hope that you’ve been able to find this article useful and able to answer any questions you have, however for further inquiries, please don’t hesitate to contact us and we’ll be happy to help!