Far-Reaching Benefits of Red Clover Tea

BuddhaTeas Red Clover Tea Health Benefits

When you look at the varieties of clover in the world, you will find that there are very few that can actually offer medicinal benefits. For this reason one of the more popular forms of clover is red clover and the benefits of drinking red clover tea have been known for many years.

Unlike some other blends, red clover is a tea that has elements that can work for both men and women. In some situations it has been recommended to women and in other situations has been recommended to men for other problems. The wide range of positive medical benefits offered by this herbal tea can help both women and men achieve their health goals can just as easily offer that feeling of good overall health.

For Women

For women, this tea is used to help reduce the effects of pre-menstrual syndrome and menopause. It has also been known to help regulate the menstrual cycle to make it more regular. For women that are dealing with menopause, it can be useful for reducing hot flashes and preventing them from occurring as frequently. These benefits may be a result of certain isoflavones with estrogen-like effects that can be found present in red clover tea.

For Men

For men, this tea has been known to slow the development of benign prostate hyperplasia due to certain enzymes that are present in it. What this means is that it can slow the development of the condition enough that the affected individual can have it properly treated before it becomes too dangerous. However, aside from these gender specific attributes, this tea also has several general benefits as well.

Heart Health

One of the things that red clover tea is most known for is that it helps to clear the blood vessels and reduce the amount of plaque that can build up around the heart. This means that it reduces the instances of clogged arteries and can help prevent heart disease and heart attacks. It will clean out the blood of plaque and toxins and improve the flow of blood throughout the body. This means the heart will not have to work as hard to pump blood which also lowers your blood pressure. It has also been known to help reduce inflammation and protect the body against infection.

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