The Calming Effects of Red Clover Tea

BuddhaTeas Red Clover Tea For Sleep Relaxation

Today’s modern technology has allowed for us to provide better sleeping environments than ever before, with comfortable insulated rooms, specially designed pillows and mattresses that can adjust to suit your every whim. Sadly, even with such technology, many people still struggle with the ability to fall asleep.

Worse still is the fear of sleeping pills, which can be effective, but addictive. Fortunately, nature offers an alternative in a fresh cup of red clover tea. This herbal tea offers calming properties, which can help to relax, alleviate stress and ease into a healthy good night’s sleep.

How Stress Affects Sleep

A little stress in life can be beneficial, spurring you to work harder with a burst of energy, clearer focus and determination. However, when stress is prolonged, or when a traumatic event occurs, high stress levels can wreak havoc on your physical, mental and emotional wellbeing. One of the first things to suffer during stressful times is your normal sleep cycle. A stressful situation may compel you to stay up long hours, limiting the amount of healthy, restful sleep you get. On top of that, stress often makes it difficult to sleep even when you try, as the mind races with anxiety and doesn’t allow the body to relax enough to achieve sleep. It can also affect how deeply you are able to sleep once you eventually do nod off.

The worst part is that the cycle feeds into itself. Lack of sleep leads to a lack of energy, inability to focus, increased irritability and overall higher levels of stress, thus making it even more difficult to achieve plentiful sleep even though it is needed. Finding a way to break the heavy hold of stress over the sleep cycle is key to restoring a healthy sleep cycle and being able to overcome the negative effects that high stress and sleeplessness can cause.

The Power of Red Clover Tea

Though not as powerful as some sleep aids, red clover tea’s effects as a sedative and nervine can be highly useful for those seeking a natural way to break the cycle of stress and sleeplessness. As a sedative, red clover helps to relax the muscles, releasing tension and promoting a feeling of relaxation and rest. Red clover tea is also a source of calcium and magnesium, important vitamins for maintaining the health of the nervous system. Working as a nerve tonic not only supports the health of the nerves, but helps to calm nerve activity, which lowers feelings of tension and may reduce feelings of anxiety and nervousness. These two effects combine to promote relaxation, ease stress and help to prepare for a good night’s rest. Once a healthy sleep cycle has been restored, you will feel much more prepared to face the stress of the day, and get back to a life of good health and fulfillment.

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